What should we expect during the classes?

Your CIMT (Certified Infant Massage Teacher) will be teaching the parents and caregiver in class with all the technique on how to massage your babies.  This will include some special Infant Massage Strokes to help common child discomfort:

Regular Massage areas:  Legs & Feet, Tummy, Chest, Arms & Hands, Face and Back

Common Child Discomfort areas:  Sleeping, Colic, Constipation/Gas, Teething.

Class Structure

Session Warm-up
Massage Time
Topic Talk/Q&A


Group class

Usually 5-8 babies maximum per class. (Class sizes will depend on location. Class sizes are purposely limited to allow enough focus and individual attention to everyone attending)

Age:  4 weeks to 12months (I usually hold class in Infant/baby class & Crawlers Class) *Please check online class schedule (www.babyeasemassage.com)

Length of time:  approx. 45mins

Length of class: 4 weeks (1 class/week)
Course material:  Each class hand outs will be given on the stroke we will learn on that day.  Parents can then have this for review and future reference at home