Symptoms: pain and stiffness of knee joint, especially after prolonged walking, walking stairs, squatting. Knees would degenerate and develop osteophytes at faster pace.

Consequence: cartilage abrasion, causing bone to bone friction and give rise to osteophytes growth.

Causes: pain caused by kne joint degeneration usually emerges after middle age. Degenerative changes are found inside the joint because of prolonged use. Different from short term symptoms caused by ligaments sprain or back pain, pain and swelling caused by osteoarthritis knee would be more chronic in nature.

Osteoarthritis knee introduction: knee joint is the biggest joint of our body and it is a major weight-bearing joint. Because of high mobility level and heavy loading, knee joint is one of the most vulnerable joints to degenerations. Pressure at knee joint when walking stairs is 3 times greater than during level ground walking. Thus, these kinds of activities would induce a great wastage to the knee cartilage.