Symptoms: pain starts from shoulder region then gradually spread to the neck. Headache would be encountered at later stage which indicates cervical spine dislocation. If there is osteophytes growth and nerve roots are irritated, pain and numbness would emerge along the upper limbs. Dizziness, photophobia and muscle atrophy would develop in severe cases.

Consequence: spine displacement, accelerates degenerative changes and form osteophytes.

Causes: chronic inflammation causes sustained pain and swelling.

Neck pain introduction:
Urbanites work for a long period of time with improper posture, causing a high muscle tension. Improper posture and high muscle tension induce an extra pressure on the neck and causes symptoms. However, many people do not treat neck pain seriously and do not seek for medical advice in due course. Neck pain can be associated with serious problems such as heart disease, arthritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, etc. Thus, early diagnosis and approach to appropriate treatment are very important.