What to Expect on My First Visit

Initial Intake

Your first visit will take between 75-90 minutes and this is where the bulk of the information gathering takes place.  We will discuss what brings you to the clinic, your goals and expectations; go over your past medical history and family history as well as a general review of systems.  We will review any medical records that you bring in and the visit will end with a complaint-oriented physical exam to determine the cause of your problem.

Second visit

30 minute appointment that outlines your individualized treatment plan and course of action.

Follow-up visits

Normally half hour check-up and treatment visits to see how the patient is progressing. The frequency of these visits depend on your condition.


Please come to your first visit at least 15 minutes early in order to fill out a comprehensive intake form, consent forms and review of systems.

Previous laboratory  or diagnostic imagining(blood tests like a complete blood count and cholesterol levels, x-rays, bone

Naturopathic Medicine and Conventional Medicine can Work Together

With the conventional medical system overburdened and many communities experiencing doctor shortages, alternative medicine is gaining more popularity.  While most medical doctors can only spend 10 minutes with their patients, due to an overwhelming patient demand and often only have time to prescribe based on symptoms, a Naturopathic Doctor has the ability to spend between 1-1.5 hrs with a patient on the initial visit which allows to them to get to know their patient and develop individualized treatment plans.  This becomes especially important in chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and autoimmune disease.  Naturopathic medicine serves as a  complement to conventional medicine rather than an alternative. With a big focus on preventative medicine we can take some of the burden off the conventional medical system.