What is Infant/Baby massage ?

Infant/Baby Massage is beneficial both for the parents/caregivers and the child.  Anecdotal information and Research studies have shown that there are many positive short term and long term benefits from the nurturing therapeutic touch of infant massage.  This benefit is not only for the babies, but extends mutually for parents and caregivers too!

Baby Massage not only helps parents and caregivers to bond with their baby.  It also relaxes the child and provides a special time to for parent and infant to communicate.  Through massage and increased direct contact with your child, parents will learn to be more “in tune” with the body language and subtle signals from your infant.

Why Infant/Baby massage ?

Infant/Baby Massage may encourage the following benefits:  Bonding, Relaxation, Communication, Developmental and Stimulation.

– Focused time together with caregivers
– Promotes secure attachment, self-esteem
and respect

– Heightens sense of well being
– Produces a love hormone that promotes
bonding & relaxation

– Provides special time for communicating
verbal and non-verbal cues

– Aids in weight gain
– Enhances neurological development
– Improves sleeping pattern
– Improves blood circulation, digestion, and
inner equilibrium (balance)
– Improves muscle tone
– Improves cardiac and respiratory output

– Skin-to-skin contact
– Aids in sensory awareness

Interaction between caregiver and baby can provides nurturing interaction as the baby grow!