Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete system that is widely used as a complementary health care system to modern medicine. It originated thousands of years ago and has evolved into an effective medi-care system. TCM includes different sub-categories for treatment or prevention of diseases.
* Acupuncture (fine needle insertion on certain points)
* Moxibustion (with herbs burning around skin)
* Herbal medicine (pills or herbal recipes)
* Acupressure (Tuina or Chinese Massage)
* Exercises (Such as Taichi, Qigong…)

TCM believes the reason people have diseases comes from three major origins: internal body malfunctions, external factor invasions and lifestyle alterations and the symptoms are the reflections of the imbalance of the body, or malfunction of some body parts. The functions of the major internal organs (kidney, liver, spleen, etc.) are cited or explained differently in TCM compared with contemporary medicine. Diseases are usually linked to the dysfunctions or imbalances of the organs.
TCM uses acupuncture to stimulate your immune system and promote the healing of a variety of diseases. During the acupuncture treatment, there may be a moxibustion procedure to fortify the acupuncture effectiveness. 600 common herbs are used in TCM and natural substances of the herbs are utilized to regulate your body system for healing. Acupressure is a kind of massage (on special points as in acupuncture) to strengthen the acupuncture treatment or for rehabilitation, relaxation and health promotion.

Choosing a well-trained and experienced TCM doctor will help you overcome your disease and give you a healthy and happy life.