Susan Zejin Sun, RTCMP/RAC, has  been working in the gynecology area for 30 years. With the help of Ms. Sun, your gynecologic problems could be solved with less cost, less pain and less side effect. In her expert hands you may even find the experience stress free and pleasant.

By using her experience in TCM diagnosis, Ms. Sun will diagnose your problem and prepare a treatment procedure to specially fit your situation. For cases such as infertility, miscarriage, irregular menstruation, fibroid, PMS, pre-pregnancy discomfort, post partum syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, migraine and other women problems, Ms. Sun will treat you with acupuncture on special body points to promote your immune system for healing and make you an herb recipe individually formulated to regulate and strengthen your body system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes the harmony and balance of the body system, inner spirit and outside environment. Special emphasis in TCM on women has been cited since its foundation. Any disease or problem in the body is thought the reflection of some kinds of imbalance of your body system or sub-systems. TCM has exclusive advantages over other medicines to take care of women’s problems in most gynecology cases. With her extensive TCM knowledge and experience, Ms. Sun will help you back to normal quickly.

For women issues, treatment is in harmony with the menstrual cycle.